Why Can’t I Lose Weight

Why Can’t I Lose Weight

Ever wonder why some people can seemingly eat whatever they want and never gain weight? While others all they have to do is look at food and they can gain 5-10 pounds. Are you one of those people who’s struggle with weight gain feels like that?

Well, this is not necessarily a behavior, personality or a character problem. There actually is some science or physiology behind why people react differently to food intake. To find out more, watch the video now.

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  • Why some seem to gain weight by simply smelling food while others eat freely without fear of weight gain.
  • Why societal prejudices against those who struggle with their weight are absolutely wrong according to medical research.
  • Why some people experience the “Yo Yo” effect of dieting (lose it and gain it right back)
  • Why some Permanent Weight Loss Solutions actually work while others don’t.
  • Why those who struggle with their weight can Finally Rejoice in knowing that Dr. Hargroder is leading the fight to educate the medical community AND The World about the FACT that Obesity is NOT a Character Flaw!


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Obesity is NOT a Character Flaw